August 31, 2007

No Service to Forest Hills this Weekend

The northbound G will terminate at Court Square over the holiday weekend:

How do these no-continuing-service weekends affect you?


Anonymous said...

Does the G ever run to forest hills on the weekends? I think i saw it once. It's a real pain living in Greenpoint and wanting to go to Regal Cinemas in Astoria. I'm a cheapskate and like to catch the matinee, but I usually have to pay the full price afternoon shows because taking the G train to the E train to the R train is usually a 45/50 minute trip to Steinway Street.

JD said...

I agree. I have to travel from Jackson Heights to Greenpoint to visit friends Saturday morning, and I definitely will have to allow at least an hour for what should be a 35 minute trip.

Thursday night was a particularly awful commute, by the way: I waited 25 minutes for the G at Greenpoint Avenue (to go just two stops, of course, because it was terminating at Court Square). Then the G stopped between stations for over 15 minutes, because an F train had to "cross in front," for some unknown reason. Then, of course, we just missed the E train at 23rd/Ely, and it was another 10 minute wait. Another hourlong commute. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

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