December 29, 2007

G Train Riders Give the G a D+

The results for the MTA's Rider Report Card for the G Line have been posted on the MTA website:

According to the MTA, 3,903 G train riders responded to the report card survey, giving the line an overall grade of D+. We expected more responses from G riders, judging from random, informal rants to Save The G's members via email, phone and subway platform encounters; we hope it's enough to give the MTA a picture of riders' needs and concerns.

It's not surprising that the biggest issue for G riders is frequency of service -- the G has long intervals between trains (longer still whenever there's any kind of delay), making commutes a daily challenge and frustration.

Again, while Save The G appreciates that the Rider Report Cards are designed to measure morning rush hour service only, it's troublesome that the G train's other service issues have been excluded from the survey - particularly regarding the reliability of weekend service through Forest Hills on weekends, severe overcrowding caused by 4-car trains, and the mechanical joke otherwise known as the "power mover" at Court Square Station, which is out of service virtually every day. It's unfortunate that the MTA's survey doesn't take those service problems into account -- if that were the case, the G would likely receive an even lower grade.

Now that the results are in, it remains to be seen what the MTA will do with the information it's gathered. Any opinions?

December 6, 2007

MTA Announces Public Engagement Webinar

From the MTA's website:

Public Engagement Webinar Information
December 10, 2007
12:00 - 1:30 p.m.

Over the past six months, the MTA has engaged the public in a series of events such as public hearings and the November 17th public engagement workshop to enhance discourse on its financial plan.

As a follow up to these events, the MTA is hosting a virtual web-based forum so customers can participate from the ease of their home or office.

Please join us for a conversation with MTA leadership in a real-time, web-based interactive forum to discuss the MTA financial situation, the fare and toll increase proposal, and the capital plan.

To register, please click on the following link:

Webinars: What They Are and How They Work
Webinars are one of the most exciting new technologies connecting public agencies with their constituents. It is an electronic public meeting.

It's like a conference call - participants log onto a website and also dial into a telephone conference call number. Once linked in, participants can see and hear a series of presentations by MTA officials on the proposed fare and toll increase. You can do this at home, office or wherever you can access the Internet and a telephone.

Co-sponsored by the Empire State Transportation Alliance and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority
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