February 26, 2008

Daily News: Summer Hike in Subway, Bus Services

The MTA is proposing to increase G line service in off-peak hours, starting this summer. The agency claims that to increase service, it's necessary to permanently terminate the G at Court Square. The MTA's been trying to achieve a permanent Court Square termination for years, so we're somewhat skeptical at this latest argument... but what's your opinion? Would this improve things for G riders enough to justify cutting the line in half? What would you say at the public hearing that the MTA would be required to have before making this extreme change?

Summer hike in subway, bus services
Tuesday, February 26th 2008

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has a message for Queens subway and bus commuters: Ride on!

It looks like the dollars are coming in faster than expected to the MTA, thanks to increased ridership, particularly in Queens.

Under a new plan, NYC Transit would begin implementing increased service - valued at approximately $46 million annually - as early as June.

The proposals will not be implemented until after the financial results for the first quarter of 2008 have been received, Transit spokesman Charles Seaton said.

Starting in June, the 7 and W lines will see increases in service to accommodate boosts in ridership on those lines.

The 7 line would increase Saturday service frequency from six to 10 minutes to five to eight minutes, and Sunday service frequency from six to 10 minutes to six to eight minutes starting in June.

W service would be extended from 9:30 to 11 p.m., and there would be an increase in peak hour service frequency from four to five minutes to four minutes.

In December, the G and R lines will see increases in service frequency.

The G would increase service frequency by 50% weekday evenings (from 12-15 minutes to eight minutes); 20% weekday middays (from 10 minutes to eight minutes); and 33% on weekends (eight-10 minutes to six minutes).

This boost will require terminating the G at the Courthouse Square station in Long Island City, because the Queens Blvd. line does not have capacity for more G service.

Extended R service would operate to Forest Hills-71st Ave. at all times; replacing the G along Queens Blvd. and allowing the N to operate via Manhattan Bridge at all times.

Queens bus lines also will see service increases, and will include a new Bx50 limited-stop bus route between Fordham Plaza in the Bronx and LaGuardia Airport, and a new Q94 super-limited service between Flushing and Fordham Plaza to reduce travel time on the route by up to 20 minutes and meet growing demand for Queens-Bronx travel.

Public hearings must be held before the Bx50 and Q94 services can be implemented. Plans call for the Bx50 to begin service in December, while the Q94 would begin in September.

Transit officials said 10 other Queens bus lines will either see increases in hours or extensions to their routes.

They include the: Q12; Q27; Q31; Q42; Q59; Q75: Q76; Q77; Q79 and Q84.

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