October 28, 2007

Rush Hour Crowding on the G?

We'd like to hear from you about crowding on the G during morning rush hour:

1) At what time do you typically get on the G train?
2) At what station?
3) Towards Court Square or towards Smith-9th?
4) How crowded is it? (Can you sit? Can you stand comfortably? Do you have to squeeze in?)

Thanks to all who reply!


Anonymous said...

My wife and I get on at Greenpoint Ave heading toward Court Square. It totally sucks and takes forever. We squeeze into the train, if possible, but it's usually so crowded we need to wait for the next one. Sometimes the wait is 20 minutes or more during rush hour. On top of that it usually has a delay somewhere in-between where you sit for 5 minutes or so. It's all horrible.

Anonymous said...

I watch the G go by me while I wait at Carroll Street trying to catch the F into Manhattan between 8:30 and 9AM. The G is always 90% empty. A totally useless train line and waste of track time. Sorry.

11222 said...

Clearly anonymous 9:34 does not live in the parts of Brooklyn where the G is a lifeline.

1) Waiting at Greenpoint Ave, Court Square bound, anywhere from 8-9:30am. You will need to wait for 1-2 trains, if not more, to get on the train.

2) Nassau Ave., bound for Hoyt-Schermerhorn, 7:15-7:30am: It is possible to find a seat after Metropolitan Ave. until Classon when it fills. The main problem with the train at this time is FREQUENCY. if I miss the 7:30 I have to wait until 7:40 or 7:45.

thanks for doing the survey. I hope you get useful data from actual G train riders.

Anonymous said...

1) Anywhere from 8-8:45am

2) Greenpoint Ave

3) Towards Smith-9th to the Metro Ave L transfer

4) There is *always* a seat available. There are people standing but there are always seats available.

FWIW - I do notice that the other side towards Court Square is definitely more crowded. The trains are packed.

metalquar said...

I get on at Greenpoint Ave. I live stone's throw away from the India St entrance and usually try to get on the platform by 7:45/7:50. The train is usually full, if it's raining it's wall to wall people. If i get down to the station and see the platform is full I walk or bus over to LIC.
Afternoon rush at 4:45 is good. 9 times out of 10 I get a seat on the train. Just waiting for it to pull out, I fall asleep and have to crossover when I wind up on Nassau St.

Anonymous said...

I get on at Smith9th between 7:00 and 7:30 where I especially enjoy watching 2 or 3 Ftrains go by between Gs. I get a seat but by the time it gets to Metropolitan it is packed and the wait there is minutes for people getting off and then more minutes for people getting on-at least at the front of the train.
The return trip between 5:00 and 6:00 is never as bad though that's because the HS students are gone. The difference between July and September is striking.

Frank said...

morning rush - how about pm rush which is 10 times worse. according to the straphangers assoc. data, the g train frequency is 18% lower than the system average meanwhile population in the g-train neighborhoods has exploded 45%. pm rush is horrible with the train waiting endlessly at court square until it's so full you have elbows in your face and people are standing on top of each other. ridiculous. i live at the clinton/washington stop by the way so i do live on the "lifeline of the g-train".

Anonymous said...

I get on at Clinton/Washington going towards Queens for transfer at Hoyt to the A. There are always a TON of people waiting and if you miss one, it's about 10 minutes for the next. And the trains are so short that there are always a bunch of people racing to squeeze into the last/first car!
(Also, sidebar: late at night the waiting is the absolute worst)

Anonymous said...

Nassau Ave, Queens bound, 9:20ish. Wait times seem to vary widely day by day, as well as crowding. It's a crap shoot. But most of the time I can get a seat. I think the real problem with the G is in the evenings, non-rush hours. I usually end up walking 10 minutes to the L instead of waiting around for a G train that may or may not come within a half hour. If I could rely on the G, I'd use it more.

Anonymous said...

I get on at Greenpoint Avenue between 8:30 and 9
Heading toward Smith and 9th
Plenty of room, I ALWAYS get a seat.
It is extremely rare to wait for the train for more than 5 minutes.
I love the G train!

Anonymous said...

I take the G between 7:50-9:00 from Greenpoint Ave. towards Court Square. The service is inconsistent. Sometimes it's 10 minutes between each train, sometimes 3 pass within 6 minutes and the next comes in 20. No matter what, if the wait is more than 5 minutes the train is horribly crowded.

Sometimes a less packed train will come right after, sometimes it's another 10 minute wait and packed again.

When an less crowded train comes right after a packed one, you end up waiting at the 21st station for 5 minutes for a Smith/9th St. bound train to open up a track at Court Sq.

Always fun to guess what each day will bring!

Also, any sort of heavier rain sees the line closed from Court Sq to Greenpoint or Nassau stations.

Henry Ng said...

1) Mornings: around 8-8:30am. Evenings: around 6pm.
2) Nassau Ave. in the morning and Metropolitan Ave. in the evening.
3) Morning: Smith-9th-bound G, then transfer to Manhattan-bound L-train. Evening: Queens-bound G.
4) morning: G not too crowded, 50 percent of the time can get a seat, but usually just stand since I have to get off at the next stop. Evening: a bit more crowded than mornings--most of the time just stand. I'd say the G gets goofy at least once a week during the evening rush hour, but in the morning it's usually ok. Weekend service is a totally different thread!

dalton said...

I ride the G train every morning from Carroll Street to Fulton Street. It is usually not too crowded at all, until it gets to Hoyt-Schermerhorn, where it fills up a bit.

My problem with the G is not the number of people on it, but the frequency of service, and the frequent construction. It is so painful to sometimes watch three or four F trains go by at Carroll Street while waiting for a G train. It is even more frustrating to go to a station for a train I rely on, only to be told that the train isn't running for the weekend and that I have to transfer three times to actually get anywhere. It's really unforgiveable.

Maybe it's a chicken-egg problem—no one is willing to count on the G train because they know it can't be counted on. Give us decent service and people will start riding it!

Anonymous said...

on at Greenpoint Ave, 830-850
off at Court Square

Train is usually crowded (what do you expect, its rush hour?!), but nothing compared to the loads on the E or the L. I'm never too uncomfortable.

Frequency sucks though. Just missing the train is my worst nightmare.